Nine Definitions

1. no longer possessed or visible
my passport
2. unable to find one’s way, astray
me without a gps
3. absorbed in
when I pray
4. unattainable
teaching me to play guitar
5. confused or obscured in a process
my jokes
6. lacking assurance
me without my mother’s wisdom
7. ending in defeat
I scored for the other team
8. ruined physically or morally
all the tired hearts I have met

Out of all these definitions,
not one opens
what it meant
to lose

Where do I begin?
Welcome to my perpetual nostalgia,
my impractical remembrance.
We begin with the end.

9. …

I wonder,
if all we are
is what I lost,
I am lost.
If all we are
is what remains,
I am lost,

What ought we do?

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