Cracked Windshields

Let the wind in.
When the guard is broken,
what is Unseen can be felt.

I felt it,
(The Unseen),
transfused in the all ruins surrounding.


I sit at a red light,
waiting to turn
I am still,
for once in my life.

SUV straight,
Truck straight,
Sliding, screeching, breathless moment……

SUV straight
towards me,
propelled with its hand upheld
—In my stillness,
I am moved—

SUV straight
towards my door and
the smoke swells and
neck bends and bends back and bends and
mouth spits out glass and
eyes readjust and
I look to the left and
to the right and…
I am still

The wind whirls in,
I remember
sitting on the bench of that tree
with the wind
that made my eyes cry,
that made my hair waltz.
I was still,
while the wind whirled.

I know I have to move.
Hands spin the ignition
Hands sweep the glass from my skirt.
Hands search for my purse.
Hands shake.
Hands feel the red divots in my arm.
I have to get out.
I have to get out.

the traffic has stopped.
Four ways now hushed,
fixed on the unfixed.

I see it now,
The Unseen,
in my stillness,
as I wait for help.
I remember it now,
the wind that bore me here,
that is here,
seen now.

I step out.
I look at the man walking towards me,
At the man walking towards him.
I search for a friendly face or place
to be safe,
to be still.

How did I get here?

I meet the median,
my momentary concrete haven.
A kind woman
silently surrenders a white flag to
wipe the blood from my face.
A tender man
hands me a water bottle
as I bottle fear.
Someone is calling 911.
Someone is…

I look around.
I plunder the moment,
motionless, still, calm.
Before my eyes
A wreck helps rectify
my blindness.

One thought on “Cracked Windshields

  1. Wow! A wonderful tribute to God’s protection over you. He is The Protector, you are the Worshiper.

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