She is Silent

She is silent,
Not compliant.
Wanting words
With wanted chords
Never realized.

She is the Muslim woman who is displaced and hated.
She is the girl with the hearing aid who no one took the time to talk to.
She is the black woman who overcame obstacles and yet she is still met with more.
She is the foreigner who is still learning English and is belittled and hurt by this culture.
She is the rape survivor who fears sharing because of the shame and doubt she’s met with.
She is the chronically ill woman who will never meet the hopes she has for herself and the expectations others have for her.

These are all women I have sat with coffee in between us.
And perhaps a world between us.
I hear you.

He is not silent.
Not complacent.
Hearing pain.
Healing through body slain,
Love realized.

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