A Handful of My Mindful

We are scariest when we aren’t revolted by our sin.
Sin lies within our skin, just take away the k, decay.
Love the skin you are in. Don’t stretch it thin but stretch it out.
The strings fool, they are elastic; they stretch and snap back. A heart Isn’t no strings attached.
A heart is best when it is at rest. Then you can invite others in.
Zoos invite prey’s eyes to see predators. Looking at danger, danger looking at you. “Free” and “safe.”
I feel free when my phone is on Airplane mode. Yet I also feel like a crippled pigeon who craves.
Trick of the tongue. You crave sugar, but just add water. Wet tongue tamed.
Wet benches: NoBody likes them.
Nobody wants to know yesterday’s weather. Only yesterday’s why, today’s whether, and tomorrow’s which.
Which is better? To be on the outside looking in, or on the inside looking out?

Just some thoughts.

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