Egg Shell People

We are all egg shell people:
Complex and fragile,
Hard and soft,
Solid and liquid,
Sealed and breakable.

Hands lift you,
Tap you on hard edges,
Pierce and divide you,
And soon break you apart.

Just when it seems your life is over,
From your shell pours color,
A vibrant yellow-orange,
The Sun within you can breathe.

It is flavor.

It is joy.

It is shared.

This is unhealable,
But it was never meant to be mended.
Your shells lay forever broken,
But now your heart is exposed,
And souls are nourished.

This is from the broken life of an egg shell person,
Who is now learning how
To be willing to expose
Her weakness
And allow her brokenness to nourish others back to life.

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