He loves me, He loves me not

I pull them off one by one
They dip, spill, float, and waft
Till they rest and sit still
But I am not still
I look down at my feet covered in flower petals

I am tired of charades
All answers blurring into uncertainty
I wait for him to speak clarity into this obscurity…
I am still waiting…
So I pick these flowers and strip their beauty
In hopes to find some truth, some love

he loves me
Because he singled me out
Because he pressed through the crowds
Because he spoke to me and he listened

he loves me not
Because he sees who I really am
Because he is tired of pursuing
Because he wants something more

he loves me
he loves me not

He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me

I hold the last petal in my hand
Watch it sink mournfully to the ground
She is beautiful and lonesome
Yet here is where she belongs
He loves me not

I return my eyes to the abandoned stem,
But, there remains yet another petal…
He loves me

I look at it with confusion
How had I missed this?
No, this must be wrong
I frantically pull off He loves me
He cannot love me
He loves me not
Yet again, another petal appears,
He loves me

I am angry
You cannot love me?
You know me fully
You know I am not worth pursuing
All ruined flowers at my feet bear witness

And yet…You love me still
I see you press intently through the crowd
Making your way to my heart
All chaos and lies stand in the way
And yet you move diligently
You love me already
You whisper more than sweet nothings in my ear
You whisper sweet somethings in my ear
And I breathe again
I don’t have to be alone anymore
You draw near to me

He loves me
I run forward holding a flower with all petals restored
I leave behind all lonely ground petals
They are but imitations of the everlasting, which I hold
The unrelenting love
He loves me
Forever and always
He loves me.

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