Hearing in Color

IMG_2010I am color blind
Hidden under layers of pain and long suffering is a world I do not know
And it does not know me
I look, walk, talk like I live in this world, but I do not know it
And it does not know me
My world remains masked
The beauty and fragrance have been melted and drained
The vibrancy muddled
The surface is scratched and worn down
Everything is blurred, misconfigured and deceptive
Everything is covered in a beige film leaving me with a tainted, maroon reality
Everything there, but everything muted
Gnarled, Rocky, Lifeless,
In this confusing world, I feel lost
The darkness leaves so much unknown
I am in silence
I am alone
I am 
I am the creator of color
I painted your world differently
Against the backdrop of your colorless world, I stand clearer
The color I bring to your world is all consuming, soul-southing, life-breathing,
I give you the ears to see what others cannot
In your washed world I will wash you
You will hear through me
You will know me and I will know you
I press into His warmth
He makes my world smoother
He takes my hand and whispers in my ear
Listen, I am here
I am for you
I am all you need
I know
And we begin walking
On the road less traveled
And the beauty of my journey continues to unravel

We have been walking long
I have been thirsty, shattered, and wounded
I have been filled, restored, and healed
But we keep walking
Come, follow Me
And so I do

But today is different
Today is new
His joy is in the morning and His promises rise up with the sun
He softly places his hands over my ears
I am opening
I open your ears,
I open your eyes,
I open you,
I open your world
I give you color
I lift my weary head
The unfamiliar crispness pierces my ears
All around the dizzying reality echos and rings
From overwhelming to melodious
The world is rejoicing all around me
This world I do not know
And it does not know me
We meet for the first time
Multicolored, flourishing, and refreshing
I soak it in
It fills me with a longing to explore
I hear the clear air with curiosity
Everything is new
Before me lies a world bathed in beauty
Dripping with freshly painted, vibrant colors
Spilling over, mixing and uplifting
They are ever radiating, illuminating, and cleansing
This world is alive, this world is breathing
As a kaleidoscope, all things shift musically
With every moment comes a unique projection of reality unseen and unheard of before
This world is being resurrected right before me
Amidst the marvelous chaos I hear a familiar voice
I know Him
And He knows me
I smile
You have waited a long time
I cry
He cries too
Taste and see that I am always good
Around me everything is flavorful and nourishing
He is always good, always faithful, always true
I give you life and abundance beyond your expectations
As He speaks, I see what I could not before
His voice is color
Yet this color is not of this new world he has given me
Its hues are richer
Deeper, Purer
More magnificent, ever beckoning
Come, follow Me
I follow
He walks before me
His every step flourishes and sparkles newness
When his foot meets the dry earth it is instantly transformed into swirls of color
How could I not follow Him?
For the more I hear His colorful and glorious voice,
The more it pierces, surprises, mends, and dances in my soul
I hear your voice, your creation, myself, the broken
I hear in color now
I hear in color
I hear color
I hear
He speaks
I listen

Author’s Note: I received hearing aids on January 18th. On my train ride to the scheduled appointment, I wrote the first half of the poem and then I composed the second half throughout my first weeks of having hearing aids. All I can say is this has been life changing! I had many fears associated with getting hearing aids, but the biggest one was concerning my relationship with God. Through having poor hearing, especially the past few years, I have learned a greater dependence on Him and have discovered that His voice is the primary voice in my head. I feared that I would forget God’s faithfulness and the struggles I have been through. But this has not been the case. If anything I have become more enthralled with Him, His voice, and His creation. I have rediscovered my own voice and my own ears. Now I am seeking Him to see how he wishes me to use this newfound hearing he has blessed me with. Praise God! He is all I have ever needed!

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