The Friendship Tree

We grew a Friendship Tree

You and Me

We grew deep roots to entwine our beings

Knowing someday those roots we’ll be needing

We grew a strong core to keep us unwavering

To keep us standing firm when the outside is endangering

We grew our branches ever reaching up and out

Reaching up to our God and to others without

As our Friendship Tree continues to grow

The fruit of our labors will surely show

There will be many seasons of great joy and great pain

From sunshine to snow and from wind to rain

Yet through it all

We will stand tall

Growing new memories, jokes, and stories

Seeing each other through the bad times and our glories

Our lives are forever woven together

From now to old age, whatever the weather

And years from now we will look at our Tree

And know that we grew this; God, You, and Me

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