999 Left to Go


No, I am not talking about how many beer bottles remain on the wall or how many days are left till I graduate. These are the words coming from a little first grader’s mouth. I don’t know when I began saying this, but it has been a part of my dialogue of love for years. I would say to my parents “I owe you a thousand kisses!” Then, I would kiss them on the cheek really loudly and say “Mwa! Nine hundred and ninety-nine left to go!” And I would always start back again at one thousand. Maybe it was because I could not count high enough or maybe it was because I knew there was something deeper. I had never noticed the significance of this until yesterday.
Here the text I sent my dad:

There is so much to learn here.
A father’s love knows no limit. It does not end once he gets to zero kisses left, it circles right back to one thousand kisses. God is the same. His forgiveness, love, mercy, strength, power, faithfulness, his everything, knows no end. He will keep on giving us kisses forever.
Another aspect of this is to look at how our love toward God should be. In saying that I “owed” my father, it was not out of debt or obligation, but out a sincere desire to express just how much I loved him. In reality, I receive so much from my father that I don’t deserve and that I can never pay back, that was not what motivated me to love him. I was motivated to express my love to him because he had shown me love first. It is the same with God. Our response to His love should be extravagant. Not out of show or obligation, but because His love towards us was so extravagant. While I won’t get to give my dad kisses for eternity, I will forever be giving my heavenly Father kisses.

“I owe You a thousand kisses! Mwa…nine hundred and ninety-nine left to go!”
(And then we start all over.)

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