What do you hear?

Low rumbling of thunder
Sharp rings of windchimes
Muffled patting of rain
Pressure builds

A storm is coming
A storm
A battle
A mountain
A storm which needs mother nature’s prevention
A battle which needs military discretion
A mountain which needs a hiker’s intention
I need medical invention and divine intervention

Then Someone speaks
I hear a voice which slowly diminishes to a whisper
the jaw silently opens and closes
I sit helpless and say “Pardon?”
As if I didn’t comprehend
When in reality I didn’t even get a chance to comprehend
As if it was my fault for the inability
When in reality I was never given the ability
I long to understand, enjoy, forget, hear
I want to understand the first time
I want to enjoy the converstation
I want to forget what it feels like to know confusion
I want to hear the joy, the pain, the cries for help, the blame
I want to feast at the table
Instead of picking up the leftover crumbs on the floor

Then Someone speaks again
I say with sheer determination
“I must listen try to hear the world”
He continues to speak softly with confidence and peace
I am too busy to listen as I am trying to hear
His voice is slowly penetrating my thoughts until I turn around to face Him
He smiles and puts hist hands over my ears
“What do you hear?”
He says
“I hear nothing for you have made me this way.”
I reply
“No,” he says, “you hear my voice”
My eyes, laced with confusion, attempt to understand where the voice is entering my sphere
His hands remain clasped over my ears yet his voice is piercing like sweet honey

He asks once more,
“What do you hear?”

I wait a while

“I hear your voice”

He waits a while

I have created you to hear my voice

So listen…
and tell me…

What do you hear?”

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